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by The Memes

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Stars 02:17
the moon is my ma the sun is my pa the stars are my pals the earth is my gal mama moon hold me tight papa sunset me straight my brothers the stars take me out on the town my lady the earth let me stomp on your ground
Dead Sea 02:15
the dead sea is a lake with no life at all and a corpse placed in it would not be eaten or rot but float preserved on its surface drowsy laughter against my neck the clouds remain like a row of persian lilacs scandalized and repulsive in their overdone finery stretching out on the empty plain toward weeping rock (i’m curious, what are you doing i’m curious) you must learn it well the way we form our difficult vows oh how i want her but i know better the way she blush deserve a mirror don't ever beg in a dead language
Miracles 02:12
the sun is double-parked over india and you’ve forgotten everything why should you feel this life the moon is blue in the scheme of things and you’ve forgotten everything why should you feel this life the precious stones you grind to dust why should you feel this life if you can’t forgive yourself for what you love and why should you feel this life when you rage from the depths of your weakness and why should you feel this life when you bite your tongue to tame hot thoughts and why should you feel this life miracles stretch their arms around you and you’ve forgotten everything
ah that’s a one peg mister something about a saint pate boat on the madeira the eye sings the surface speaks dread among the fierce smoky fissures up on fours ‘til then the night life any side of shame the animal a fine romance the spoon dance the only game in town the only game around yankee giraffes nothing remiss dart a big finger too a big saddie the routine egg beaming shallow spots disqualified lament a foamin through the thicket needles quarry near the road a slower spot my fixer pays alone in the foreshortened noon we replay the dining room we listen for the false alarms we replay the hungry moon what world what world what world do you mean what world what world what world prove it to me next summer you will turn the grass the sun will shine and we will plant ash straight of shadoway mayday it has no meaning it was my youth the mood of secrecy had elapsed the human soil proved fertile the occasion was dour and more violent than expected i quite understand was his only complaint the stranger at my watch grew impatient i was heard creaking in my chair i was made for tougher things tougher times when people aren’t so crazy he wants to know my fears when all i’ve done is live them it’s not a philosophy you know it’s not a conscious choice he leaves me in the dark the blood dries on my face i dare not open my eyes and the silence is intoxicating what world ... etc.
Like You 01:52
we are everywhere raised like you and free like you and promised like you and whole like you we are everywhere styled like you and stirred like you and weird like you and cruel like you we are everywhere green like you and red like you and black like you and blue like you we are everywhere seduced like you and deranged like you and damaged like you and damned like you we are everywhere prophetic like you heroic like you emphatic like you dead like you we are everywhere finished like you and frail like you and faithless like you and hungry like you we are everywhere round like you and square like you and flat like you and oblique like you we are everywhere loved like you and concerned like you disinterested like you and bored like you we are everywhere repressed like you vain like you ignorant like you and beautiful like you we are everywhere simple like you pursued like you and absurd like you and droll like you we are everywhere simple like you and complicated like you and farfetched like you and silent like you i don't like you
i remember smoky leaves on frosty lawns and broken candles up my sleeve dancing with scarecrows on halloween i'm searchin the sky for my in betweens they say hey man, everything you do is weird i kick the fiery flowers by a factory wall they won’t tell me where i’ve been they won’t tell me what i’ve seen and they say there are no boundaries left they say there’s no in between i hang like a signal stiff in the ether wasp peeling and twirling around a grimy locomotive the taste of salt in my ears where the crystal showers dazzle daily and the scenic frictions sing as one i remember ... my hands know no limits zoom in a world of recycled armies i fake my death to join the species i become the landscape and the airport runways they say get in there you tibetan malcontent it’s time to swallow your wolves
blunt puppets flash their withers and tug on god the tobacco girls and ivory boys leave their skin behind the black rash tethered like a moldering ketch to a star garlands of floating pearls are poised for any rhythm my shattered wound all smeary from thirsty work (right) six weeks since gray ghost shrieked a deafening howl the moon trading souls with racing black clouds the sun anchored on the smile-frown of blundering crows total eclipse like burial in queer silver demolition dust
Nevada 01:35
weeds grew in the fifth bedroom i was mowing the lawns of heaven when a wet wilderness arose in my heart she was a vision in pink pearls like a sunrise or a coral reef she says she thinks money must be everything when you count your fingers and the time it takes to cross nevada we heard them in asylum we were patterns of light crawling over dawn she says there’s someone screaming in my mirror the horizon’s lifting off she says i remember skies that could run and run forever and never turn back time to go
No Load 02:08
rascal commutes his train train lazy man cold spots fasten to jellyfish body of buns pull eyes and snorting sand sand remembers a girl mean again stunned by the strength of the sun left leftovers small pox a carnival remembers the sand black coast foam up to my statue fiery night strange fortunes and even stranger lands no load drifting stars like drifting sands i know that morning never changes falling through the day in a falling in love kind of way he fled from wonderful things warm summer years when his barking blood ran with the earth’s enthusiasm he lay for hours trading the sun’s black glare for satin skin paradise now for lands unseen he licked a double-barbed arrow and let his spirit fly and between his legs and outstretched arms the flowers grew (incredibly high) and when she presses him into the earth and with kisses says remember me fresh water swimming from a broken coast it was soft they were simple so far to fall
when empty streets talk skyscrapers walk when the bootstraps snap and the horse-wings flap when the black harp sings and the holy ghost belches we’ll know the never never as a shabby crazy place with sluggish skies you’re drama, a harmony of meta-human sadness in which we dream one to another awaken with private sensations my dead jackasses lighter than a grain of sand and so much heavier than the ruins of athens, the agony the careless droning bells and the powdered gulps of clay the diamond birds and buttered moonbeams the slings and silver turns mad clean like salt and rubber bright ply the cold blue light all the freaks reach out and watch their hands shatter monsters arrive and horses whinny some crusade, the entropy lead nowhere carry no tune
Nude Season 02:10
black pearl cities make you mine ghost white whispers tear down time the city is a thievin let it shine let it 21st make you mine insane is the reason reason insane the nude season the late hour the weary heart there’s nothing wrong the pushy wind the neon sun her open eyes all in fun all that trouble to face your changes i can’t believe i’d waste my time think of me when you go for broke think of me when the madness comes
Governor 01:05
lawnmower for governor ‘cause the ocean’s no longer water it's toner the boats make it xerox and the fish make it fax and the sky isn’t airmass its fax paper the grass is a scanner the whole planet’s a planner the big bang is on wrong and tungsten is way down lawnmower for governor he’s got parasols for bumblebees hair nets for yellowjackets navy blue blazers for the hornets out there a humvee for the queen an rv in every hive lawnmower for governor elected in a landslide by the gardener and the apiary constituency
Yo Quiero 02:00
many sons have told this lie explained oblivion with a sigh some day i’ll learn to fly some day i’ll learn to die ‘til then i’ll be your happy boy ‘til then i’ll be your faithful one yo quiero sacrifice my house is built of solid stone i dust my stance with an iron will i dance in place i’m standing still i’ve my cities racing by i’ve seen rivers running dry many sons have told this lie...
you’re poker straight when the hammers ring spaced out on irresistible crime like tumbleweed in the gardens at versailles but no more lost than here with its smashed windows and chalk outlines side-swiping vices and missing-link groove i knew her when her sterile self-erasing style scratched untidy laughter on the laser trail of insect cynicism she was handmade like the centuries are turned and hallowed out by phantom elevators carrying sexual intelligence to the next plateau of naiveté how pathetic to be paranoid in a place this weak on history where exiles preen their leash dragged ecstasy in a debatable twilight how social to sense the hours stretch unbroken like exhausted slaves somersaulting false frontiers in the tranquil speed of space when it’s back to your bluff self calling in sick with the abstractions and plastic aches that idle wild in the shortest distance between too many points you’re poker straight
Charades 04:25
love drugs and heavy water glow worms and fashion bribes charm bracelets and candied eyes sugar cane banana trees i like milkshakes and i like corn flakes tribulation capes and mataranka hot springs alice springs palm springs sting rays and bouncing stones smashed repairs and broken bones life’s unfair desire’s worse lust and envy steer the curse a thousand empty miles and piles of dust you had me on toast from darwin to sydney you’re a crow crow she’s a raven i like milkshakes and i like cornflakes what can’t be endured must be contagious it’s bush fires and heartache to the bitter end what can’t be swallowed must be coughed up it’s boats and gold mines to the bitter end true love in a big country to the bitter end well i was lost watching the popcorn vendors well i was lost on the longest boulevards of paris well i was lost riding the ferris wheels down under well i was lost watching curtains swing in the wind well i was lost in the punk neon of shinjuku well i was lost in the chess halls of djakarta religion swept through town and charades destroyed the rest a bitter kiss of lemon a shriek of stale sugars a filthy piece of pavement sky rippling in a puddle in the buy-back neon with the jukebox blaring in the cold atlantic desert far enough down the nile flocking to lhasa with the freaks from kat blowing beggars kisses on the darkest roads of dacca sifting through ashes in the muddy wash of ganges religion swept through town and charades destroyed the rest religion swept through town and science destroyed the rest
Weather 04:06
it’s the king of burning pyres it’s the sacred grove it’s the fever we break it’s the train we don’t make it’s the truth on every side it’s the painful rebirth it’s the flick of a wrist it’s the poise i can’t resist it’s the lassitude of forethought it’s the ominous reruns back-to-back parking a mediumship in orbit baby flickers of heaven born into pleasure and rotten weather out this world in another either way takes forever this is wealth and this is the weather born into pleasure and rotten weather it’s the mind at rest it’s the pause out of time the loss of speech the bewilderment of reason it’s the drunk on patrol it’s the ghost of dawn it’s the just born dance it’s the mirror against the flood out this world in another
the principle of secrecy is a machine engaging the confessions of spontaneous mutations the mark of savagery demands preliminary investigations written techniques that preserve the suffering body the truth is murdered on the scaffold of justice the idea of shame is a pretext for revenge to refuse origins dismantle anxiety his hand serves a new thought the brutal increase of substitutes the hatred that everything is failing the real attracts forceful natures some people can’t be relied on we know and know and know we know ... but look no further the big things escape us the little things repel us sofa legs are heaped on a cloud aiming the painted panoramas the decent militant glooms denim-style entanglement parking mountains by the ocean glamour back and forth a suckling pig of plenty a plague of hungry ghosts descend on the world’s most excited city somebody’s high dark tambourine across the piano night hourglass mutant mock berlin rhythm incredibly flat where morning fades the moving targets and ground up days the heavy straights strummed with big hands and a dope spigot to work the busy spills like a mouth sweat rubber tree friday, and i’m virtually fashion year after reckless year day after reckless year ... somebody’s high dark tambourine across the piano night
creamy trenches blur the light twilight ooze collects the day i’ve got holy oil for my smarts the thrill of egypt in my smile my head is a wedding in traveling clothes puffs of seawind polished like gold if i don’t reach tomorrow by sunday night i’ll have troubles that never grow old i got a new heart but it knows where i’ve been i’ve got new hands i’m not used to them yet i got new feet they just go where they will i’ve got new eyes we still haven’t met i am broken in a stream of light think in a room saturated with fog climb into the night i live in a dream awaiting the vibrance of chimes over me the prayers feel less lonely a distant cool hand awakens me with the harmony of sorrow i am like the night great wisdom fails to woo me no nomadic yen no passion for alchemy stirs this continental drift it is sleep and sleep alone requires such explanations loose your dreams your hypnotic states your flying spirits and vulgar hallucinations i got a new heart ... i can smell the light the voice like lanterns winking the sea outside is loud tonight and the animals are easy seven seas in how many years phantom children do as they’re told if the winds don’t whirl me into clouds time won’t pass and i’ll be old
Unrealistic 01:27
candles don’t work they don’t make light they don’t make heat they don’t blow out candles don’t work it’s pathetic how they try and melt they don’t work they always go out candles are down and out sarcastic wine is a nice try like the cork ever comes out the labels are fake and the bottle breaks there’s never a glass out of which to drink they don’t even use grapes and it doesn’t get you straight the stores won’t even stock it it makes all the food go bad the earth is unrealistic the moon is overpaid the sun is spoiled rotten and the flowers are embarrassing
Plesham 01:57
bleep hard love you do banishing clept and moe fro the worry great sound wrap so yo keep hiya sweet i am sister say id rock san ise isth dark eggae of da morrow datz de plesham got to feelum i leggum darky ooga i stay you ow i ston really runnin don bava insfar om chilly ja ja folliyear jasham one shah to do what is right when jasher to free de martial omly come to jaimshow tam de marsal jamyam aming chass you fobber bomb dalee ding dong see even bum the mahitva


Brooding, exuberant, severe, whimsical, subtle, challenging, contemplative, strident... these are just some of Whatworld's many moods. Mark Moffett's poetry is magnetic; the music, gutsy. An indie outsider.

Be sure to check out M. Moffett's Bandcamp page: markmoffett.bandcamp.com


released January 1, 2000

Music: Blue Verhey and Mark Moffett
All lyrics by Mark Moffett, except:
"Stars", "Governor" and "Unrealistic" by Blue Verhey


all rights reserved



Blue Verhey San Francisco, California

There is no use there is no use at all in smell, in taste, in teeth, in toast, in anything, there is no use at all and the respect is mutual. (Gertrude Stein)

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